We used to go out on Friday nights...it was a good way to unwind from the busy week and official usher in the weekend. But recently we've been trying to save money and have found we need to save our dining out money for other times (social occasions, nights when we're booked up and have to grab something between commitments). So no going out on Fridays. For some reason our family is struggling with this transition! By Friday afternoon I'm ready for a break from the cooking and cleaning cycle. Plus usually by dinner my kids are starting to get unruly so I'm also disciplinarian around that time of the day. My husband has been home late the last two Fridays and both times I've been frustrated with him because I'd like dinner to be less stressful on Fridays than it is on a regular night, but unless he gets home early/on time or we go out, it is the usual three ring circus it always is, and by the time dinner is over I'm just ready to put the kids to bed and go to bed myself as I typically am on a regular weeknight. For example, tonight the plan was to make dinner at home and then go out and play Pokemon Go but by the time my husband got home the kids had already gotten in trouble and I was cooking and frankly just too tired to go out after dinner.

So...how do you do Friday night dinner in a way that feels relaxing without going out? Paper plates? Frozen pizza? No phones? Do you and your SO communicate about what time you'll be home so that everyone feels supported? My husband's hours are quite variable and usually I try to be understanding, but I get aggravated on Fridays if he can't tell me what time he will be home so that I can plan adequately.

It is a little gripe I know! But I'm really trying to save money and enjoy our time at home more and not rely on having to go out to have fun family time.