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What time do you leave for daycare dropoff?

  1. Mrs. Toad

    persimmon / 1095 posts

    When I do drop-off, I try to leave by 6:45 to drop off around 7. DC opens at 7, but I often leave slightly later.

  2. alphagam84

    persimmon / 1095 posts

    We leave between 7:45 & 8 each morning. I pick up around 4:20-4:40.

  3. lilyofthewest

    pear / 1697 posts

    I primarily work 9:30–5:30; my partner works a compressed 9 days/2 weeks 9:30-6:30 schedule (but Sweetie has more flexibility to leave early). We split drop off and pickups. We leave home between 8:30 and 8:45 and drop off sometime between 8:45 and 9. We pick up at 6. Our daycare is open 8a - 6p.

  4. milano14

    cherry / 235 posts

    DH does dropoff - DS2 gets dropped off at 8:15 and then back home to get DS1 on the bus at 8:35.
    I get DS1 off the bust at 3:50 and pick DS2 up around 4:10.

  5. kiddosc

    grapefruit / 4278 posts

    I get E on the bus at 8 and leave right away from daycare drop-off. A is dropped off by 8:20 and I'm at my desk at work by 8:30. DH gets off at 4:30 and gets the kids, I get off at 5 and we're all home by 5:30.

  6. pachamama

    nectarine / 2436 posts

    @codeitall: I have to be teaching AT 7:30am, 30 minutes away from my house :-(, so I will never do drop off. My husband drops off between 8-9, and I pick up at 3pm. It works I guess!

  7. WinterBee

    persimmon / 1071 posts

    @codeitall: Drop off around 8-8:30am pick up in between 4-4:30pm.

  8. wrkbrk

    pomelo / 5084 posts

    @codeitall: 7:45!

  9. babypugs

    persimmon / 1101 posts

    About 7:15, then pick up at 5:15. It's a long day for the kiddos.


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