Maybe I was never supposed to have allowed my baby to sleep in the Rock N Play at night but when my last baby was born in 2016, we used to strap her into the Rock N Play and she slept amazingly well from a very early age. We didn't have/know about the RNP with my first child and he was a poor sleeper for the first several months of life. Flash forward to now and I am pregnant with #3 and am trying to figure out how I am ever going to sleep again after the baby arrives without the RNP. I've read that the Dock A Tot is also unsafe. I was considering renting a Snoo but wasn't sure if that was really the answer to my prayers. Just wondering if there are any great options for unsupervised sleep (there seem to be plenty of fine options for supervised sleep but that's not really what I'm worried about). Other than the obvious standard bassinet or a crib, are there any options that worked well for you for safe unsupervised sleep?