DD started the 4 month sleep regression some thought it was time for sleep training.
Our previous normal was she would sleep in our bed or in her co-sleeper at night. She went to bed at the same time we did, 10-12, woke up with us too. She would nap in my arms or in her car seat or stroller, once in awhile in her co-sleeper. She was sleeping through the night starting around 2 months but stopped at 4.

This week we started sleep training. I want her to sleep through the night, eventually in her own room but I don't care about that so much right now. I really need her to nap in her room though so I can get things done while she's asleep and spend quality time with her awake. I would also like her to go to bed before we do so DH and I can have some quality time.

We started sleep training on Tuesday, things went better then expected. Wednesday was OK and the last two days were awful. She wakes up at night for over an hour, she won't nap... I'm way more exhausted then I was before we started.

Am I doing it wrong? Is this just not for us? Or is this how it's suppost to go?