The only way we get a "healthy" breakfast in the mornings is by making a big batch on the weekends and freezing them. Otherwise mornings are just too hectic with two FT WOH parents!

I love these because there's no flour; just rolled oats!
I love throwing in applesauce, yogurt, cinnamon etc into this one.
This is a good recipe for waffles using buckwheat!
Banana buckwheat pancakes! My fave.
I used this quiche recipe as a base but added garlic and sautéed the spinach with garlic as well. It was a huge hit! My LO who has been refusing eggs for the past few months will eat this! Mom win!
This a fave muffin of mine. I never have buttermilk so I just do a hack with milk + lemon juice.
This isn't a freeze recipe but a great way to make steel cut oats with minimal effort. I wait to throw in fruits in the morning.

What make ahead / freeze breakfast recipes have you tried and loved?