We live in a major city where we walk everywhere- park, grocery store, classes, everywhere.

DS is currently 3.5- at around 3 he was pretty comfortable walking 15min there and 15min back which got us to most of our destinations. When the winter hit, he started to sit in the stroller more. We currently have a MB duet (DD is 23mo).

Here is what I think my options are:

1. Keep the double stroller- this is appealing because when we do long days, both kids nap in the stroller, its nice to have both strapped in while we are waiting for the train, etc

2. Get a single and scooter
I know most people in the city start their kid on a scooter at this age but the problem is DD would also want to scooter and I can see her throw a fit every time she has to get strapped in while DS gets to scooter

3. Single stroller and walk
What I’m leaning towards but I worry that there will be days where he gets tired and cranky and I no place to stick him

If you live in a major city and mostly walk- when did you LO move on from the stroller?