LO is 15 months old and his naps suck... they've been short for a long time now, he was taking 2 to 3 - 30 minute naps a day. Unless we're in the car and then he can sleep an hour+ in his seat.

These days, his AM nap is 10 mins. 10!! I don't know why I bother... but he wakes up around 7AM (sometimes earlier) and by 9:30, he's cranky and rubbing his eyes. So he is visibly tired but will only fall asleep for 10 mins (I watch the monitor) and then he wake up really mad and crying.

Should I just try and drop the AM nap and have him hold out until like 1PM for an afternoon?? Even though he seems tired by 9:30? That seems like such a long stretch.

When and how did your LO drop their AM nap?