I found some older threads, but wanted to see if anyone else has recently had this issue.

LO is 19 months old and for the last week or so she fights her nap for the longest time. She was waking at 7am napping from 12 til 2 (give or take 30 min on the front end or back end) and bedtime at 7-7:30. But now if I put her in her crib at 12 she will play in her crib until 2 and then pass out same if I put her down at 1 still up til 2 then passes out. I have been waking her up at 3 or a little later hoping it wouldnt mess with bedtime too much. But it has caused her bedtime to be pushed back between 8-9 and she has been waking up between 7-8:30. The only change or difference is she is cutting her first molar, but no other changes. DH and I work opposite shifts so I usually bring LO to work with me at 2:30 for DH to pick her up and go home. So this schedule is not working cause I am late to work if LO is sleeping and I wait for DH to come home. Is it just a phase? Ideas? Or are we just domed to longer have a nap time