This question is because the locker room in our swim lesson is a public community center. The signage reads that children 5 and under can enter the locker room with the opposite sex parent. I have an issue with this since that would mean in a few months i would have to send my newly six year old into the locker room to shower and change by himself, and also to wait 20 minutes or so completely unattended while I get his three year old sister showered and changed.

Also, honestly, we don't send him into the public restrooms alone now. He does use the restroom alone at home or friends houses. But the main issue is he is constantly touching every disgusting public bathroom surface possible, even with someone with him reminding him not to. Also in our state, it is a crime for children to be unattended below the age of 8, and you can be fined for inadequate supervision of children under 13.

Should I be expecting him to shower and change alone, then sit and wait for us in the lobby until he is done? Should I just keep bringing him in with us until someone says something? or inquire about the sign?

ETA: I changed to poll to sending your LO in alone to shower.