.... complete the sentence above.

Do you have specific routines that you wish your child would always remember even when they are 40 years old? Do you have any good memories from your childhood yourself and how would you complete the sentence? It doesn't have to be super special, just a certain routine that they/we'd probably remember for life.

For me, when I was a child, my dad used to take me to the playground every saturday morning when my mom slept in One day it just seem to have abruptly stopped. We never really talked about why but I was always sad about it. Maybe I was too old for the playground.

For my DS, I take him to food truck wednesdays whenever we could at a nearby park for dinner. We lay down a picnic blanket under a big tree, we'd buy food, eat and take selfies laying on the blanket. He sometimes play with his balanced bike or scooter, or run around in the park. That is one of the moments I hope he'd always remember when grows up