Before kids, I remember seeing a blog post on the internet about tracing your child's handprint onto cardstock every year and mounting them in a picture frame where the youngest is closest to the glass and each year you mount the new handprint at the back so you can see how their hands grow over time. It was really cute - so I filed it away in my mind as a "someday..." project.

Well - I went and bought cardstock and frames and glue dots and got all excited.... BUT..... then I realized I'm not sure how to do it right. I have a background sheet of cardstock that I will put this year's handprint on. But in a year, I'll need to remove it to put the new one behind and reattach to the background sheet.

So my question is.......... all you crafty people....... what is the smartest way to do this so I don't ruin the background sheet? Is there a removable glue dot type product that will really be removable after a full year - or even better - reusable for, say, 15 years?