I've posted before about our debate on whether to move to a different state to be close to DH's family and have a less crazy life in general. We put decision making on hold for a year because of Covid, so now we are deciding for sure by the end of this next school year. I'm just not sure if we should include our kids in some of our conversations considering moving. They are going into 3rd and 1st grade (and a preschooler but I'm less worried about him as he doesn't have any real connection to our current town yet!)

We'd be choosing to move for quality of life (better schools, closer to family, bigger house, better town resources, etc), instead of for a forced reason like a job relocation or something...so while I know it is ultimately DH and my decision I'm unsure if we should float it with the kids and make them part of the process. My gut says both of them would say they definitely wouldn't want to move, but I think most kids would probably say that!

If you've moved, how have you sold it to your kids as an exciting new adventure as opposed to leaving all their friends and things they know and love?