DD3 is 8 months old, and still does not sit unassisted. She'll sit in tripod for a few seconds, then flops over onto her tummy, where she's perfectly happy. Technically she's more like 7 months based on gestational age - she was considered early term at birth so her pediatrician often gives her a little extra time to meet milestones.....but still.

Her next ped appointment is at 9 months; I'm trying to decide if this is serious enough that I should get her in earlier to see if it's time to consider some sort of EI approach. She's meeting all social milestones with flying colors, is a VERY strong kicker (but tries to avoid putting weight on her legs), and has great head/trunk control when playing on her tummy; she is mobile via rolling and inching, but can't crawl with her belly up either.

Anyone else have a late sitter who is willing to share which direction it went (ie., you left it alone and they sat, or you got some help from an OT or someone else)? Thanks!