My LO is 7.5 months old, and I have been getting pressure for months to let my LO say the night at grandparents' houses so that my husband and I (or just me) can go out and do something. At this point, I have no urge to be away from LO that long, but they all act like I'm a crazy person because I won't let them take him. There is a color run coming up that I signed up for, but it's 2 hours from my house and I'll have to leave super early to get there on time. I had planned on my husband watching him that day, but now he has plans, so our families keep telling me to just let them keep him that night and I can just get a hotel room with the people I'm running with. So it looks like it might not work out at this point. I am just not comfortable enough for this yet. Am I crazy!