LO still is not walking. I have to admit, we never practiced with him at an early age because I was under the impression that it was kind of instinctual and that he would do it when ready. After all, I never taught him to crawl or to chew.
Anyway---he is in daycare 3d/week to practice independence and walking by watching other kids do it.
We also have been practicing at home.
If by the end of the month he isn't walking, we're taking the PT route as well.

But not only does he not walk, but he is SO clingy and quiet and shy. I took him to the reading time function and to the play space at the bookstore, and he played alone, kept looking at me for support and basically did not want to socialize. MANY kids came up to him and gave hugs, talked to, or tried to share with him and he just crawls away.

This whole not walking thing and super shyness makes me feel like he is overly cautious. He knows how to walk. I have seen it. I have seen it on numerous occasions, but then he will fall and he will get so discouraged that he won't try again for a very long time.

Any advice on socializing my 16m old? Also, advice on walking?
We are TTC #2, and I can't handle a clingy toddler who won't let me out of his sight plus a newborn.