So yesterday at work an email went out (at 3:00) stating there was leftover food from a meeting in the cafeteria. I went and put 3 chicken tenders and a scoop of rice pilaf into a Tupperware container and made a joke to someone else coming to get food by welcoming them to the "I don't have to cook for my kids tonight line".

Next thing I know the receptionist (who must have heard me down the hall a bit) comes into the caf and says I can't take the food home because "we have 60 people in this building". I was just like "really?!" and she says "yes". So I close up my container and put it in the fridge because it isn't like I'm going to put it back at this point.

THEN... as this is happening my boss is in her boss' office. She comes out and has to talk to our group because the other day when there was extra food in the caf someone complained that my group was taking food home. In that case I had packed a small portion to bring home again.

I can't even believe I work for a company where people feel this way. I've been here a year and have noticed so many more petty things people complain about then I am used to at larger companies I have worked for in the past.

Just for reference I hadn't eaten a portion and also taken some home... if that even matters. Also my kids are 2 and 3 so it isn't like they eat a lot.

What do you guys think about the situation? I need some honest opinions.