I'm starting to get a little stir crazy at home all day, and even though LO is marathon eating these days, I'm starting to hope that in a couple weeks, the growth spurt may have calmed down enough for us to take her somewhere other than Target or the grocery store!

I'm in Texas, and it's crazy hot, so anywhere we go would really have to happen as early in the day as possible, or be indoors. She also won't have had her 2 month shots yet, so I'm not sure if I feel comfortable taking her to really crowded places. I plan on taking her to the mall to escape to the A/C, but really, there is NOTHING to do in my town. I'm within 1.5-2hrs of 3 major Texas cities, so I'd be willing to drive a bit to go do something fun... even though the thought of a car trip is a bit terrifying

Where did you take your newborn in those first couple of months? Did you stay close to home or venture out to family or other entertainment? How soon was it before you felt comfortable taking LO to places further than an hour away?