My son is in the 2s program at his current preschool. The preschool has only been running for a few years (maybe 5?) and is on the smaller side. I enrolled him in this school because I attend a moms group there so he was used to being there once a week anyway and his sister's preschool only offered from age 3+.

We're trying to decide where to send him next year and have some pros and cons for both schools in mind. Given these, which school would you choose?

School A (his current school)
PROS: smaller classroom size (~11:2 ratio), he's familiar with the building, already has friends there, about $400 less per year, closer relationship with the school personally since I attend the moms group there
CONS: newer school so they're still working out kinks, less professionally experienced teachers (some are not certified teachers), they have fewer hours available so we'd either have to keep him at shorter hours than we'd like or sign him up for lunch bunch which would mean he'd eat lunch and then play for 1.5 hours, he'd also have "morning enrichment" on the third day of the week as opposed to three days of school, the school in general seems less organized/experienced probably since it's more newly established

School B (my daughter's school)
PROS: we've liked our experience there (although we thought her teacher last year did a much better job than the one this year) and our daughter loves the school, three days 9am-1pm option available as opposed to lunch bunch so he'd be getting more quality time and would also have enrichment classes like music, PE, art, etc.
CONS: a little pricier, would have to change schools (although he is familiar with the school from coming with me to pick up and drop off - however his sister wouldn't be there next year since she starts K), 16:2 student/teacher ratio (could be less but 16 is max and often fill up)

I guess it comes down to quality of educational experience vs that neighborhood group feeling. Also, feel free to use the comments section to add a note about the reason behind your vote!