Whine alert.

How do anyone ever manage to keep working full-time / keep a job with a child at daycare?

LO is 15 months. We started daycare at 12 months. He was sick very often when we first started, we were at the pediatrician every week for recurring ear infections and the zillion bacteria/virus that he managed to pick up. HE was cleared of that for a pretty long while (well, more like weeks). I thought we were good.

Then we went to the infamous "well visit" last tuesday and got a bunch of shots. He developed a fever thursday which I think is shot related. He is better Friday already, but got this nasty cold that gives him a low-grade fever on and off. Today (Sunday), he was pretty much clear of fever the whole day but before bath he was 100.8, after bath was 100.4. Gave him some tylenol before bed. He is just making noises/ crying on and off which means he probably is feeling unwell.

I am just really upset, I have 3 deadlines and juggling 3 projects, working weekends as we speak. I can't afford to miss a day of work not to mention it could be more than a day because we are required to be fever free 24 hours before going back to school! I have no back up childcare option. How am I going to wing it?

I can't help but whine. I am not sure if I should just take him to pediatrician tomorrow morning which I can't afford because I do have to work to catch up with my 3 deadlines, or I should send him to school and wait for them to call me to pick him up. I do have a babysitter she told me she is available Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday if no one calls her. But I hate to book her and ends up LO is all good and fever free tomorrow.

If you have a baby / toddler who's going to daycare and gets sick very often, how do you manage to juggle your job and the unexpected fever ?