My baby is 6 days old. During the day, he is a gem. We had our newborn photos today and he did not make a peep during the 4 hour session. Nighttime is a different story entirely! At about 10 pm he seems to wake up. I BF him and he falls asleep but as soon as I try to put him down anywhere, he pitches a fit within 10 minutes and wants to BF again. My breasts are ripped to shreds and I'm exhausted. I am seeing a lactation consultant tomorrow to work on his latch and make sure he is getting enough breast milk with feedings..I'm not convinced that is it though because he is not like this during the day. I have tried putting him in different safe spots to sleep, tried swaddled and not but nothing seems to work! The only way he seems to be willing to sleep at night is if i am holding him or he is in bed with me, but i am terrifed of SIDS so i really want to avoid this. It makes no sense because i really dont hold him much during the day and he will sleep without issues. Any suggestions to try to switch his schedule? I'm not expecting miracles here, but a few 2 hour stretches of sleep a night would be great! Right now, I get none!