I always hear that after your first one, you realize you didn't need to do half of the things you did and you are much more relaxed about the second one. Is this true? For me, I know there are things I won't do with the second child.

1. I know I don't need to check on the baby every 10 seconds.
2. I don't need an arsenal of onsies. I gave away half of the ones I had because I just had too many of them and couldn't put her in them all.
3. Germs are all around us. I won't require people to basically put a HAZMAT suit on to enter the house. lol
4. Newborn toys are a waste.
5. I won't feel guilty about using a bottle. She was not at all confused about which nipple was which. It would have saved my sanity some nights in the beginning.

Anything you did with your first that you won't do with your second?