My LO is 23 weeks, 19 weeks adjusted. For the last few days she has been SO fussy, shrieking in frustration at her toys, only content if we're paying total attention to her, and crying for unknown reasons. She normally only cries or fusses if she's tired or hungry, so this is unusual for her. She goes from giggling to melting down in seconds.

She's chomping on her hands, drooling, and Tylenol maybe helped last night. She's also coughed a few times but it sounds more like she's choking on drool then a cold. But when she got her first two teeth she wasn't nearly this fussy, which makes me think it's something else (or also something else). Maybe a wonder week? In the last few days she's also discovered her feet, started having better control of her toys, seems to see smaller things, and become fascinated with patterns and textures.

Was anyone's LO a mess during wonder weeks? Do they really exist? Any way to help her and to help us survive this fussy period? Please tell me it will end!