I know this will seem silly. But it's really gutting me, since she's likely our last baby.

My 20 month old will not, has not, said my name. Mama, Ma, Mom, Mommy, nothing. She's said Mama MAYBE 2-3 times, ever.

She's attached to me. Prefers me. I SAH. Totally bonded. But won't say my name. She will say "Daddy" "More Daddy" and use his name regularly when talking to him ("more x daddy, yum daddy!").

I totally feel like chopped liver. When I have her say words, she'll repeat what she can, and literally shake her head no when I ask her to say Mama.

I feel like she's going to skip right to Mom eventually, and I'll never be Mama again. Sob.

Anyone dealt with something like this?