I need to vent. I work from home most days and I’m super tired of the assumption that I can do everything (drop off, pick up, grocery shop, cook, laundry, shuttle to and from activities, other errands ) because I don’t have a commute. I grant that it’s easier for me to do these things but DH seems to forget that I am working during the time I’m at home and that’s not “free time.” What is irritating me the most right now is the assumption that he needs days where he can exercise after work and come home late or time for himself on weekends because he works all week and I don’t need this kind of time because I’m home all day (by myself) anyway. But, I have no time to exercise because I’m on kid duty first thing in the morning, and then immediately after I’m done working, then I’m shuttling the kids around and cooking dinner.

Working from home is supposed to be the best of both worlds, but lately I’m feeling like it’s the worst of both worlds because you’re expected to do both.