Our friends just came to visit and drop off a meal because we had LO 9 days ago. They stayed for dinner which was originally fine with us, and they brought their 3 kids, which was expected. Evryone washed their hands and didn't hold the baby anyway. The two 6 year olds were fine but about halfway through the visit, their 3 year old let out this horrible phlegmy cough and didn't cover his mouth. He was about 6 ft away from LO, who was sleeping in my arms, tucked towards my chest. I cringed inside and spent the rest of the visit holding LO away from the toddler but inside the same (large) room. At the end of the visit, the toddler coughed again still with phlegm but less loudly/long. Other than these 2 coughs he acted like his normal energetic self.

After they left, I immediately went to the nursery (other end of the house) shut the door and nursed on demand off and on for 2 hours while DH sanitized all surfaces and sprayed a bit of disinfectant in the air (all doors closed). Now we're holed up in our bedroom for the next 16 hours (we have our 2wk peds visit tmrw) and I'll be nursing on demand for the immunity.

Please tell me I've done what I can and that most likely it's not a big deal... personal experiences welcome, like if LO1 had a cold when your LO2 was a newborn etc....(!!)

I was trying to stay calm and rationalize the entire time. I have anxiety about losing this LO after 1.5 years of inferility and loss; and even minor situition can trigger worry spells that I look back on and recognize as overblown, maybe... it's just so hard to know in the moment! Often I downplay a situation, then freak out afterward, wondering why I allowed the "risk."