Just for fun while we wile away the last few hours of the work day...

What is the worst Christmas present you ever got? Or gave??

This year I sent my BFF a Drake Hotline Bling ugly Christmas sweater. Its a surprise and its going to arrive tomorrow. I'm cackling to myself just thinking about it. One year I sent him a DVD of Whitney Houston's 1994 South Africa concert (he loves her). But the dub quality from VHS to DVD was terrible. His reaction was hysterical.

I can't remember a particularly bad one that I received at the moment, but we did get a GREAT Christmas card from DH's distant cousin who is single lady in her 50s in 2012. She decided to have some posed 80's style Glamour Shots portraits taken of herself and then sent out photocards for Christmas with the best shots from that shoot. It was not done ironically, she was dead serious. She had her hair done in a helmet 'do and wore a very Kim Davis outfit, which is a typical look for her, but it was really jarring with the dramatic lighting and backdrop. And she was really rocking those poses.