So, it's too early to be thinking about this kind of thing anyway, but we're about to shift some furniture around in our house so it got the wheels moving.

Would it be a horrible/dangerous idea to secure a changing pad to the top of a dresser with a fitted glass top? We have a white wicker dresser that I think would be great in a nursery, but it has one of those inlaid glass tops on it. Obviously, I wouldn't do it if it turns out to seem obviously dangerous or in-securable...but I'm just wondering if the glass top makes it an automatic no-no.

In theory, we could remove the glass top, but the top of the dresser is lowered a bit (in between a raised edge) and it's uneven because it's wicker, so that may not work. Anyway, tell me if I'm a lunatic for considering this. I would love to use something we already have!