.... Your other half to take off work if your mum was taken into hospital the evening before with heart failure?

My mum was rushed to hospital by ambulance yesterday evening. She has heart failure causing fluid in her lungs. It was all very scary. She was stable when I left her at 11pm, but hadn't yet been moved from resus to a ward, and hadn't yet been seen by a doctor (the nurses did the x ray and hit her started on the drugs she needed to clear the fluid).

Of course, I've been awake all night. I should have just stayed with her, really.

Then, this morning he got up and got ready for work, leaving me to do the school run and source childcare for the baby so I can go to the hospital. I raised it with him and he pointed out that his parents would gladly help out, I just need to call them. When I showed my displeasure, he said "do you actually want me to call in to work?" and I didn't know what to say because, yeah, I do, but am I just being a drama queen? So I said go but have your phone on in case I need you to leave at sudden notice. He agreed. Then his LIFT arrived - he is going to a meeting 25 miles away and has not taken his car. So if I do need him, he can't leave.

It's 8.30 and I haven't heard from my inlaws yet.

Am I expecting too much?