So I'm in a bit of a dilemma. DH and I are supposed to go to Vegas for a little babymoon (and mostly to just get out of crumby Midwest weather!) next week for 3 nights. However, there's a good chance his mom is going to be having surgery now while we'd be gone. He feels like if this is the case, he shouldn't go and be with his mom and dad. I totally support whatever he decides.

However, the trip is totally paid for (airfare and hotel) and non-refundable. I looked into the travel insurance from our credit card and it doesn't cover in the case of a parent.

I'm really contemplating just going by myself. I already have the time off work and then at least not all of the money would go down the drain. I definitely wouldn't be doing anything "Vegas-y", more just laying by the pool and enjoying yummy meals. Would you go by yourself?