I was just thinking that we were pretty lucky one month into quarantine. Our landlord called and they want to sell the house, but we have first dibs and we wouldn't use an agent if we did want it. I've seen the comps his real estate guy put together and I honestly believe it is overpriced and will be losing value during covid like much of the market. He agreed the price was probably high, but didn't give an estimate of what he was thinking.

We were planning on staying in this area for a minimum of one more year for kindergarten and our daycare, but certainly not the standard 5 years recommended. Also, I'm due in 3 months, so changing doctors/hospitals and moving would be a pain.

We have about a 10% down payment we've been banking over the last year, but I just don't know if this is financially a good idea.

Talk me through this, what are things I should consider in my decision?