We have found a house we really want, and everything is set for us to close December 15th. We have had to deal with some issues with the seller, but decided to suck it up because we really love the house.
Well now we are selling our house. We live in a very hot market area, but now is not a great time to sell. We have an offer, although it is low, but we can come back with a counter offer. The potential buyer also wants us to do some repairs, and who knows what the inspections will find. I feel like our asking price is reasonable, and although I am willing to come down a little, that's reall all.
I'm so frustrated with this whole thing that I'm almost willing to lose out on the huge amount of earnest money we put down on the new place and just stay in our house. Maybe I'm just being emotional, and it doesn't help that I'm 23 weeks pregnant, but I hate this!
No real question here, just venting.