My friend is helping me plan a baby sprinkle (for myself). I didn't do a big shower with my son (my work took me out for brunch and brought me really nice stuff), but I want to do something special.
I don't need "stuff" though.

Is this a good set of things to do:
1.mani/pedi out at a spa (friend is looking for groupons)
2.tea and cake at home
3.coloring a baby t-shirt or onesie

As for the gift situation:
How can I say "I have what I need, I just want your company"
Or "if you really want to bring something, a pack of wipes is plenty"
or "in lieu of gift, please bring an index card with a short inspirational quote or mantra that helps you during a tough workout or hard time in your day"
or something along those lines.
I know people don't like coming empty handed but I want people to be able to come without a gift.

Is it reasonable to have this party at all?
Are the events suitable for a second baby?
How would you word the invite with regards to gifts?