With yoga, there are tons of conflicting guidelines online about what is "ok" and "not ok" in the various trimesters. My instructor and some of the online advice say to just "Listen to your body" and while I "get" that in theory, I'm a person who prefers the concrete, not the abstract. I have a hard time "trusting" my body with a history of loss and PCOS.

So, for those of you who did yoga during your pregnancy, what modifications did you make to your practice? What kinds of poses did your practice generally avoid, and generally focus on? I'm interested in hearing from a variety of pregnant ladies, vs. just a random yoga blogger online. Maybe @Mrs. Scooter: will pop in with her yoga wisdom

My experience:
Before getting pregnant, I did intermediate yoga 2-3 times .... no inversions or arm balances, but lots of deep backbends, hip openers, forward folds, twists, balancing poses, etc.

I didn't do yoga for weeks 3-6 of my current pregnancy, since this baby took some extra work & time to get... I returned to yoga in the middle of my 7th week, downsizing to 1-2 times a week (nausea, fatigue)

I'm trying to cut down on the amount of back-bending and twisting I do, since that seems to be recommended against in the first trimester. But that's a difficult guideline for me... I love up-dogs, king pigeon, and mermaid pose. I've hesitantly continued doing those, but stopped upward bow, standing backbend, and wheel.

Also, I attend class at a gym, not a studio, so there are no options for a prenatal-style class. Studios are about triple the cost of my gym, and I LOVE my instructor.