Dd2, turned 2 in December, lately has been refusing to nap. Probably 1-2 times a week I put her in crib like normal, she’s laying down and calm, and just doesn’t go to sleep. She gets up, talks to herself, walks around the crib, plays with her stuffed animals, throws some of them out of the crib... she’s not crying (or will cry for a few minutes) so I just leave her for and hour and a half to two hours, and put her to bed a little early.

What gives? She just turned two, she cannot be dropping her only nap, right? She dropped her morning nap early, at 11 months, so I’m a little concerned!

Anyone else’s young 2 year old do this then go back to normal naps? I can’t really make it earlier or later because of other activities, so it just is what it is.