My 10 week old is sleeping like the week he got home from the hospital. Up every 1-4 hours and sometimes fussing (never hysterical, just needy) and won't go back to bed for an hour sometimes. Other times he falls back asleep quick.
... Here's the situation--
Healthy weight, EBF, no reflux, very content baby. Not really gassy.
Sleeps in a bassinet next to us in a Halo sleep swaddle. (Should we move him out?)
Will not take a paci
Dark, white noise, bedtime routine
can actually put himself back to sleep half the time
Naps VERY well in his crib but we put him on his stomach (I check on him every 15 minutes). Very good neck control, sleeps awesome on his tummy (bad I know)
he takes a very long nap in the morning and mid-afternoon, then a cat nap around 5pm I sometimes wake him up from these because I feel like his days and nights are reversed but I'm not sure that's even possible at this point?
He will not go "to sleep" before 8:45 pm. (I guess this is normal for his age?)
I "tank him up" as much as possible starting at 5pm
Wakes at 10pm (this kills me), 2/3, 4/5am.
(My husband takes a bottle shift so I'm surviving but I need to break this pattern especially the 10 p.m. waking.)

Is this just a wait-and-see? Should we move him out of our room into a crib? Do formula at 8/9pm? Can I put him on his stomach? I think he hates the bassinet.

Thank you if you actually read all these details...