So, C's first birthday is in about 2 weeks and I'm trying to figure out what to do about presents. I think that presents should be opened for older kids' parties, but not so sure about a 1-year old. 1) She won't be opening them anyway; I will. 2) She won't really have a reaction (good or bad) to anything besides the wrapping paper. 3) It takes a reeeeeallllly long time and is kind of a buzz kill (especially for the kids who have to stop playing and watch this baby eat ribbons and bows). As you can tell, I am leaning against it, but the hubs is indifferent. He thinks we can maybe do it, but not make a big production out of it and just have anyone who wants to watch, watch (the party will be at our house with a small-ish yard).

So bees, did/will you have your LO open presents during the actual party? Why or why not?