Okay bees, please help!

Our baby shower is in 1.5 weeks and we have been receiving registry gifts shipped to our house. I have been pretty confused about what to do with them since the first couple were from friends who I know are planning to attend the shower. Usually it's not obvious who the sender is, and I have to look online at our registry if I want to know who sent it. I love surprises, so I've just been putting them in the closet as they arrive and was planning to bring them with me to the shower. I figured I would just buy some gift bags and put the gifts in there so at least I am not fully wrapping my own gifts. Although, that also means I have to even fill out the To & From tag, which means I have to check online. But I figured I'd just let my mom do it!

Now today, I received a $250 high chair in the mail, and decided to check the shipping label - my boss sent it! She RSVP'd maybe. I see her every day. I don't know what to do - do I play dumb and wrap it and bring it to the shower in case she comes, or do I acknowledge the gift and thank her tomorrow in person?

I've been asking my mom what to do again, she says I should check all the gifts I've gotten and see if the sender RSVP'd No and if so then to send them a thank you note now. So I just checked, but ALL of them have RSVP'd yes!!! Including a baby bathtub from my FIL!

What would you guys do in this situation?