My SIL is very generously hosting my baby shower in two weeks at her place, and is getting some help from a couple of her friends. My question is, what is an appropriate hostess gift to give her for doing all this work? I didn't have a bridal shower so I have no experience at this sort of thing. I was thinking about getting her a bottle of her favorite wine and a nice card, but I don't know if that's enough!

We are on a budget, so if y'all could shoot me some ideas on the 40$ and under range, I'd appreciate it! For reference, she's in her early 40s, has two school-age kids, is a fitness instructor and graphic designer, and is extremely creative (which is why I'm not DIY-ing something LOL) I also didn't plan on getting the other two women anything big, but at the same time, I would like to knowledge their help. Ideas on something smaller for them would be appreciated as well!