Forgive this for being long but I need advice. My just barely 4yo has always had major sleep issues. He was diagnosed around 2.5 yo with some health issues and food intolerances. Prior to his diagnosis sleep was practically non existent. The poor kid was so miserable he was waking up an average of 18 times per night and required practically constant comfort. It was not unusual during that time for me to only sleep 2-4 hours per night. Out of pure survival we moved him into our bed. After his diagnosis it took awhile for him to begin sleeping through the night. At first I was extremely reluctant to work on sleep habits or mess with any routine we currently had going because he was finally sleeping through the night and I was terrified to mess with that. Once it became clear that the problem was solved, however, we began providing incentives and pushing him to move to his own bed. We tried the crib he was used to but he wasn’t having it so we tried a toddler bed next to ours. He still refused. We let him pick out new sheets and blankets. This excited him enough to start the night in his bed but within one to two hours he was climbing back in bed with us again. Next we tried adding a big boy bed to his bedroom. We redecorated with big boy sheets and a theme he loved. He was ecstatic but still refused to sleep there, or if he does he crawls right back into bed with us a few hours later.
It needs to be said my son is extremely stubborn and strong willed. Not much happens unless he makes up his mind to do it. We offer and cajole constantly but have made zero progress in moving him out.
The complicating factor is we have a baby on the way in two weeks and out of necessity she will be in our room for quite some time. I am extremely nervous about how all of this will work. We have been pushing even harder in the last few months in an effort to move him out of our bed but so far have had minimal luck. At this point I feel like we have tried everything and don’t know what else to do. Any advice or ideas that worked for you? Any advice if we can’t get him out? I am at a loss as to how this will all work