I know it’s quiet here now but I could use hive help! My 5 year old son has been potty trained for a couple of years. He still wears a pull up at night because we’ve tried ditching them a few times and he really just doesn’t wake up at night to pee. No big deal, we’ll wait for that part. But more and more he’s having accidents, mostly pee but sometimes poop too. He 100% knows he needs to go - is dancing around like crazy if it’s pee or sitting funny if it’s poop, and when we see that we tell him to go try but he usually refuses until the last minute and then has an accident. He starts kindergarten in the fall so we really need to get this under control! I’m not sure if we should go back to just forcing bathroom time every X amount of minutes or if there’s another way to help him, the issue is definitely he doesn’t want to stop what he’s doing to go to the bathroom. Thanks!