About two weeks ago, my 3 yo, extremely stubborn DD decided she no longer wanted to wear diapers or pull-ups, claiming they were "bothering her." We were trying to take a laid-back approach to potty training (which worked with my now 5 yo), but we switched to underwear and so far, she has had no pee accidents (even overnight!), but has been very uneven with poop.

She poops on the potty once in a while, but mostly has accidents - at daycare and at home. We have tried bribes (the kid wants to get a pedicure—seriously), but she just isn't getting the hang of it. This morning she pooped in her underwear about 15 minutes after peeing on the potty. She was just playing and didn't say anything until my husband discovered it. I can't tell if her issue is physical or fear, but when we ask she just says "pooping on the potty is too hard." Do we just wait it out? Any advice from those who have BTDT?