Over the holidays I decided to take a half hearted stab at introducing the pottyto DD2, age 20 months. I know that’s young but DD1 was almost 2 when she was trained and DD2 goes on the potty sometimes anyway.
It went great—I never had to do the put her on the potty every 20 minutes thing—she just went in her own every time. Couldn’t have been easier. I’d be out of the room and she’d go and then bring it in the bathroom and dump it. We had maybe 2 accidents over 3 pantsless days? She even went at Target. We ended up having to put her in diapers because she went on Augmentin and you know what that does to poop, and our old furnace couldn’t keep up with the negative temps so it was 63 degrees in the house.

The problem is if she is wearing training pants or a diaper she will go in them. So zero accidents when she’s naked from the waist down, but she will always go if she has something on. This makes daycare and being at anyone else’s house a huge problem. We keep her half naked when we are at home and she’s still doing well. I’m taking a long weekend in February which seems so far away! We have the 3 day weekend coming up too so I’m going to keep trying then.

Any tips for getting them to not go in their training pants?