i think we're mostly decided but interested to get some perspective on this question. we are considering naming our daughter (due in june) an alex-derivative girls' name.

my personal favorite is probably alexa, but i feel like amazon has destroyed that name in perpetuity--am i making too much of this? don't you feel like any alexa from now on is going to have kids on the playground saying stuff like "alexa, add a playstation to my shopping list" or whatever?

i also really like the name alexia, and knew a girl with this name in grade school. however, looking at it more recently, it appears that this is also a term for a speech/auditory processing disorder, and a LOT of people on name blogs like to point this fact out as disqualifying. i had never heard of it. is this an association others have?

finally, i think there is a good likelihood that we would use the nn alex for her (among others i love including lexi)--so would you just name a girl "alex," or would you want her to have a longer/more traditionally feminine name to start with?

now that i've written a novel--would love to hear what others think!