I just got a positive test result!!!!!

I still have to call my OBGYN and have it confirmed, but it definitely looks like a happy little plus sign to me

Since Christmas is just two weeks away (and since I'm nearly incapable of keeping a secret for long), I was thinking of telling our family by giving them gifts- something that makes it clear that they are about to become grandparents / great grandparents / aunts / uncles etc. (This will be the first baby of its generation in both of our families, so gifts that say "grandma" or "great grandpa" will be clear enough.)

Any ideas? I don't want to spend a lot, as we've already gotten them their actual Christmas gifts.

Additionally, I haven't told DH yet, and I haven't yet gotten him a gift. Should I wait until Christmas Eve (right before we tell the rest of the family) and do something similar for his gift? If so, what would be a really good "You're going to be a father!" gift?

Thank you!!!