I have done a bunch of searches on this and I know there are lots of past posts asking for support/advice - I have read them all but I feel it can't hurt to check in with current posters...

My head is ALL over the place at the moment. My husband and I have been TTC loosely since January - I have been tracking and we have been trying during my fertile period, but nothing beyond that. We are on cycle 6 - it took exactly that long with my son who is now 3 and a few months.

I feel so different this time around. Every time I get my period it seems to make me want to get pregnant less, rather than more. We are in such a great place with my son (and he's been an easy baby, toddler, and the usual threenager nonsense but nothing we can't handle). He's toilet trained, an amazing communicator, loving, and we make such a great little unit. When I am in the TWW I am nervous and anxious, but more about being pregnant and how it will change our life, rather than about getting pregnant.

I'm trying to figure out what this means. Should I go against my current feelings because we obviously wanted a second enough to start trying in the first place, or should I pay attention to my (and my husbands - we have talked extensively and seem to be on exactly the same page which is to say - undecided to the nth degree!) feelings and give it a rest?

I'm 36...still have time but not unlimited. We will not use any interventions to get pregnant. Most of our friends and all of our siblings have 2 or more children.

I'm feeling very lost Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share? I would love to hear from people that are one and done and happy with it, and people who were but changed their minds...hit me with all your experiences!