So.... I'm pregnant with #3, another IVF miracle baby. We had a rocky start to this pregnancy, with not so great hcg rises, lowish progesterone, supplements, and several terrifying bouts of bleeding/clotting/gushes, so getting through each day at a time has been a struggle.

I'm 9 weeks now, and I feel super anxious. We're getting to the point where I've had a missed miscarriage before, I'm doing NIPT testing in the next few weeks, and I'm so scared to be excited and confident for this baby - I just keep waiting for bad news.

How did you pass the time/try to de-stress during the scary first trimester? I feel like so much is riding on this baby that the pressure is on... I remember feeling anxious during my last pregnancy too (after multiple losses) but this one is just next level scary.