We discuss adoption a fair amount on HB (and it's been so positive for me to see!) but I was wondering how many other HB-ers are actually adopted themselves?

I was adopted at 10 days old, and all I know about my birthmother is that she was 16. My feelings on her have gone up and down throughout the years - and my feelings in general have been complex, because my two younger sisters are not adopted - but being pregnant and becoming a mother have brought up so many new emotions. I had a physically difficult pregnancy and it made me physically ill with sadness for her when I imagined going through that and knowing you would not be keeping your child. Pregnancy felt like an investment with the reward of my daughter. I previously- after visiting the town I was born in- had been feeling that she was probably into drugs, or a bad situation, maybe didn't think of me or care about me. After my pregnancy, I realize how selfless and caring she must have been, to go through so much to help me have a chance at life. It makes me very emotional, and sad that it's nearly impossible for me to find her due to my closed adoption.

What are your stories? How have your experiences with parenting (TTC, IF, pregnancy, children, etc) shaped and changed your views? I'd love to connect with other adoptees!