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Anyone doing Whole 30 right now?

  1. sunshineandsushi

    persimmon / 1165 posts

    @Amelieisme: I haven't tried anything yet from there. They have the coconut aminos that I buy from my local health food store, and also Lara bars, which I keep for emergencies. I was interested in ordering some ghee from them, but haven't pulled the trigger on a purchase yet. And coconut oil, but I still have a big jar from Costco.

  2. Amelieisme

    persimmon / 1361 posts

    Just a little pat on my back: made it through DD's first birthday weekend without officially cheating! I say officially because we did eat out (had family from out of town) and who knows what's in the dry rub, etc. But I did the best I could and didn't have cake! Day 15 here I come.

  3. lady grey

    pear / 1696 posts

    @Amelieisme: that is so awesome, good for you! We just got back from a long weekend getaway and I didn't do the best. Not aweful but I did eat a burger with the bun and have a few bites of LO's muffin...plus coming home to an empty fridge is tricky. Going to spend a lot of time grocery shopping and cooking today! But planning to get right back into paleo eating/as close to whole30 as I can.

  4. Amelieisme

    persimmon / 1361 posts

    @lady grey: You are past your Whole 30 so you are allowed a "cheat" now and then. I hope I still stick pretty closely when this is over. I am so all or nothing--I could see myself falling off the wagon completely! The empty refrigerator is tricky for sure. The Whole30 way of eating requires planning for sure! DH made a yummy stew last night and we are going to have leftovers tonight, which makes life easier I know its sort of getting out of stew season, but we had a cold weekend so I thought it was appropriate!

  5. lady grey

    pear / 1696 posts

    @Amelieisme: true, but I have to be careful! I am an all or nothing person too, so I need to stay pretty strict paleo in order to be successful. Traveling makes it really hard! Lucky (or not) for me we just moved 3000 miles so we don't have much $ in the budget for traveling right now.

    I'm so impressed you didn't have any cake at your LO's party!

  6. meredithNYC

    pomegranate / 3314 posts

    Bumping this! Still have some pregnancy weight to lose and my gym time has been majorly compromised by winter illnesses hitting my family in a vicious circle. My goal is to lose the remaining weight (roughly 15 pounds) by this summer, which is when I will ttc for baby #3.

    Just ordered the book and told my husband I need him to join me for support. Any other tips?


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