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Anyone else jealous of DC/NYC's snow?

  1. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    Living it and loving it!!

  2. Applesandbananas

    pomegranate / 3845 posts

    @Ajsmommy: love the door picture!! What does your LO think??

  3. dagret

    grapefruit / 4235 posts

    We have about 30 inches here. And lots of drifting. Penndot said some roads won't be plowed till Tuesday.

  4. Littlebit7

    nectarine / 2243 posts

    They said 5-8". We've gotten 28 and it's still coming down. And I had to work today (thankfully I walk to my hospital). And did I mention my husband is out of the country for work and we have zero family within 8 hours? So ... Yeah be jealous

  5. Mrs. Jump Rope

    blogger / coconut / 8306 posts

    We got more than they called for - we were expecting 1-3" and got about 8"! - and had a ton of fun sledding with friends today. We were truly hoping for a blizzard here. I remember the excitement as a kid & our oldest should be old enough to remember now, too! Maybe we will get hit by a good storm this year.

    My friend is about an hour south east of here and has over 38". It's amazing what a few miles difference can make!

  6. lovehoneybee

    GOLD / wonderful pea / 17697 posts

    We got right around 30" here, I think, and we're currently under a travel ban. I'm glad I'm on maternity leave...

  7. Kimberlybee

    grapefruit / 4997 posts

    It's so pretty but I would only wish for that much snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am in North Texas so we usually get ice and hail, we are not equipped to handle extreme cold or snow. Hope you all stay warm and toasty while waiting it out!

  8. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    @Applesandbananas: she freakin loves it!!!

  9. Mrs. Tiger

    blogger / pomegranate / 3044 posts

    Anyone who wants it can come and take it! If work isn't closed tomorrow this will be a huge waste of a storm! 😉

  10. Applesandbananas

    pomegranate / 3845 posts

    @Ajsmommy: that's awesome!

  11. Applesandbananas

    pomegranate / 3845 posts

    @Mrs. Tiger: send some my way!! That looks incredible!

  12. NCSUchick27

    clementine / 995 posts

    Took us 3 hours today to dig out our cars. We can't go anywhere though as they have not plowed our parking lot yet.

  13. lady baltimore

    persimmon / 1196 posts

    @Ajsmommy: I thought I was the only one getting hit with all this snow and thrilled about it!


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