So....our daughter is now 11 days old and the newborn stage has been (knock in wood) much, much easier than expected. I'm getting a decent amount of sleep, I've only changed about 7 diapers since my baby was born, and I don't ever do middle of the night wake ups by myself.

Because my husband has turned out to be Super Dad. The guy who told me in all seriousness when I was pregnant that he wasn't sure he could stomach ever changing a diaper now changes ALL the diapers. He is like a diapering genius (she cries when I do it, but he has the magic touch and she hardly even whimpers). He is the burping master....she only burps for him. He leaps up at night to get her when she makes the slightest sound.

For the past three nights in a row, he has handled at least one night time wake up completely by himself. As in, I slept through it, and he woke up and fed LO, burped her, changed her, and put her back down and I woke up hours later to see my pumped milk bottles in the sink.

I slept for 6 uninterrupted hours last night. 6! And I probably slept 8 hours total.

Super Dad loves to pick out our LO's clothes, and is excellent at giving her a bath, too.

Then only downside to having a Super Dad in the house is that he's a bit of a baby hog. But I'm not complaining, as I know it'll all be on me when DH goes back to work in a week.

The guy hasn't taken a break in days....he doesn't really watch tv now, he's never played video games...he's all about the baby 24/7. My mom stayed with us for a while and kept commenting on how "involved" he is and how good of a dad he is and how he does so much more than my BIL's!! And she adores my BIL.

Am I a lucky girl or what? Anyone else have a DH transform into a Super Dad after your LO arrived? I always knew my DH would be an amazing dad, but I'm shocked at how quickly the transformation took place. I'm mom over here.